Who we are

Little Pickers is a Blue Monster Creation, founded by Tina Irvine in 2015.

The concept began upon our founder realizing that older kids are looking for ways to earn money, and with more lawns being overrun by weeds, the combination (youths + weed pulling) made a perfect fit.

Little Pickers is an organization dedicated to giving back to communities. Where Little Pickers members are registered and Yard Signs are purchased, communities will be able to benefit from our program.

Although Little Pickers does not officially hold charity status as of yet (we are looking for help in this area. Please contact us if you are able to offer this type of advice), the funds from Little Pickers registrations and Yard Sign purchases will not only help to keep our program alive, but a portion will also help support communities with their current wildlife and environmental programs and initiatives wherever possible. We are proud to be green in another fashion as well – with the help of Little Pickers pulling weeds, we hope more people will cease the use of harmful chemicals on their lawns.

How Little Pickers Works (The Basics)

Youths, ages 10-17, are eligible to register for a membership. They’ll receive an official button to wear while working, and exclusive web access to our “Members Toolkit” (includes safety tips, Plant Awareness Guide, map showing registered Yard Sign locations, etc). Community members are able to purchase Yard Signs to place on their lawn when work is needed, and can post a notification on our Facebook page. The Yard Signs tell Little Pickers that work is needed on that property, and gives youths an opportunity to earn $5 per half hour worked.

For more detail, please visit our Get Involved page.

Our Goal

To provide the means to help youth and locals work together, while keeping the community a clean and safe place to enjoy.

When the warm seasons come to an end and we can no longer pull weeds, stay tuned for raking leaves in the autumn, and driveway/walkway snow shoveling in the winter months. Keep up to date when the seasons change by following/liking us on facebook to find out when these additional services begin.

Why we do it

Many young people are searching for the opportunity to earn money. Through working with Little Pickers and local community members, youth will learn responsibility and play an active role in enhancing their neighbourhoods’ appearance by assisting community members with keeping their properties neat and tidy.
Who benefits

  • Youth – Earn money, learn responsibility, learn about common weeds, meet other community members, potential to earn referrals
  • Community Members – Saves you time and physical exertion needed to remove weeds in your lawn
  • Community & Environment – Portion of funding supports existing local environment and wildlife programs; well-kept properties uphold the value of the neighbourhood; chemical-free lawns help nature be as intended

Doing our best to BEE FRIENDLY

We love the little guys, and now the bees need our help. With a little respect and appreciation, we can help bees thrive so that they can do their job, and we can do ours. How we can help the bees:

  • Waiting to pick weeds until after a few weeks in the spring. This allows the bees to enjoy one of their first foods of the season – dandelions
  • Encouraging neighbourhoods to be pesticide free. We don’t want to endanger our Little Pickers, or our buzzing friends, so all yard sign registrants must pledge to avoid chemical weed spray and chemical pest control