• Involved - Little Pickers Yard Sign at a House

How to get involved

Here are a few simple ways to get involved with Little Pickers:

  • Become a Little Picker (ages 10-17)
  • Hire Little Pickers by placing a Yard Sign on your property
  • Donate (We would love the ability to offer weed pulling tools, gardening gloves, biodegradable bags or small buckets, and other items to help Little Pickers)
  • Become a Sponsor or a Host Location in your municipality. Please contact us to learn more.

Become a Little Picker!

Register to become an official Little Picker and start earning money just by pulling weeds, raking leaves, and shovelling snow around your neighbourhood. Little Pickers are between the ages of 10-17, and are able to pull weeds (including their root systems), rake, and shovel.

How it works:

  • Upon registering, you will receive the following materials: Official pin to wear on the job, access to an up-to-date map of yard sign locations, worksheet, plant awareness sheet, and saftey guidelines
  • Look for the Yard Signs
  • On your worksheet, fill out the time you’d like to work (Little Pickers work in half hour increments and charge $5 for each increment. We recommend starting with the minimum – a half hour)
  • Speak with the property owner. Ask them to sign their portion of the worksheet
  • When your work time is done, please show your customer (the property owner) the your completed work. Collect your payment, and have your customer initial in the “paid” column.

Hire a Little Picker!

$5 can save you a half hour of weed pulling. Sore knees, sore back, or other conditions can contribute to dreading weed plucking season when spring and summer roll around. Perhaps you have a busy schedule, or you’d just like to help out the local youths by giving them something simple to do, yet rewarding. Whatever your reason, hiring a Little Picker can be a win-win for everyone, including your community.

How it works:

  • Place your Yard Sign in a visible location on your front lawn
  • When a Little Picker (1-2 per yard sign) arrives, please complete your portion of the worksheet that they hand you
  • When their work is done, the Little Picker(s) will show you their completed work. Please pay your agreed upon amount (set before work began), and initial in the “paid” column.
  • Keep your sign up to invite more Little Pickers, or remove it if you are done for that day.

(Psst, although not expected, don’t be afraid to leave a tip if your Little Picker does an excellent job! It will encourage him or her to keep up the great work!

Order A Sign

A little support goes a long way

Supporting Little Pickers with your Little Pickers Yard Sign purchase not only helps youth learn and gain hands-on experience while working with and learning about various plants and weeds found in your own neighbourhood, but it also contributes to these great things as well:

  • a portion of funding from sign purchases and Little Pickers registrants goes right back into the community to help preserve wildlife and the environment
  • saves you time
  • saves you physical strain
  • help your lawn to appear well-kept (your neighbours, and the community will love you for it – and it may help uphold your property’s value)
  • it’s a “green” choice by avoiding chemical solutions on your lawn