Terms and Conditions

Upon Youth or Yard Sign registration, and use of Little Pickers program, I/we agree to the following:


Little Pickers is an organization created to assist young people from ages 10-17 in learning responsibility, community service, and to experience earning income. It teaches, prepares, and gives youth the experience of earning money, keeps neighbourhoods clean and tidy, and helps give back to local communities. It’s a win-win for everyone.

The use of this program is the sole responsibility of parents and guardians who register their children (youths), the youths involved, as well as the property owners who purchase and use the Yard Signs and Stickers.


As a guardian or parent, you acknowledge that your child will be using tools and will be interacting with community members on properties other than your own. You agree that it is your responsibility to watch your children and to use and enforce ours, and all other necessary safety guidelines.

As a registered “Little Picker,” you agree to follow our guidelines at all times and to respect the property of others. You agree to be polite and courteous, and use all safety measures and common sense when working on someone’s property. You understand that Yard Sign Registrants will do their best to keep their property clear of all harmful debris, substances, and materials, ice patches, etc, but agree that if a harmful item is found, you will notify the property owner so that it can be removed from the area promptly. You agree to keep a safe distance from vehicles and other property (eg, flower pots, windows, etc) to avoid damage.

Yard Sign MUST be placed on the yard of the sign purchaser/registrant (it is important that we have the address of all sign locations). Any signs that are placed at an unregistered address will be removed without compensation or refund. When purchasing/registering your Yard Sign, you agree that it is your responsibility to pay for the agreed time spent and work completed by all Little Pickers. You agree to keep in mind that these are only youths and not professionals. You declare that you are a law-abiding citizen and will do what you can to ensure the safety of youths on your property. When your sign is placed on your property, you agree to not use, and have not used in the past 365 days, any pesticide, herbicide or chemical on or near your property where youths may be working. When your sign is placed on your property, you agree that fertilizer has not been used within 48 hours of sign placement and will not be used within any duration of your sign being present on your property. You agree to ensure that your lawn is free and clear of any harmful substances or materials (including, but not limited to nails, glass, hard plastics, ice patches, sharp objects, etc). You understand that your location will be plotted on a public map to show Little Pickers where to find you. You acknowledge that youths will be working in your front yard or driveway, walkway, or sidewalk, and not in flower beds or gardens. You will provide clear instructions or boundaries to help prevent damage to vehicles or property. Little Pickers (Organization) reserves the right to revoke memberships and yard sign purchases without notice or refund. Little Pickers (Organization) is not responsible for your sign after purchase. No refunds are available. It is your responsibility to keep your sign from damage (including, but not limited to wear and tear, weather, damage or loss).

Little Pickers and Blue Monster Creative are not liable or responsible for any behaviour, injury, loss, or damage in relation to Little Pickers or Blue Monster Creative. Upon registering your child or purchasing a yard sign, you agree to defend, indemnify, and hold Little Pickers or Blue Monster Creative and its employees, volunteers, and staff harmless from any and all claims, injuries, damages, losses or suits including attorney fees, arising out of or resulting from the acts or behaviour of the registrants, child guardian, or people living in or around the residence or neighbourhood where registrant, child or guardian may be visiting.

Terms and Conditions may be updated without notice.