Little Pickers Yard Sign – Autumn


Let Little Pickers know when you need them.

Order your sign here and bring the receipt to the host location near you to pick up your order. Or, purchase your sign directly at the host location near you. All prices include HST.

1 sign = 1-2 Little Pickers
A larger yard, or a yard with extensive work may prefer using 2 or more signs on a property to allow for more Little Pickers on location at one time.

Each sign purchase includes a FREE current Season Sticker applied.

Renew your current sign with new stickers
Do you have a sign with a Spring/Summer sticker? Keep it! When Autumn rolls around,  just renew your sign by covering your Spring/Summer sticker with an Autumn sticker. This shows Little Pickers that you need leaves raked. If you take good care of your Yard Sign, you may not ever need to replace it.

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24″ x 18″ step-stake yard sign with H-Stake. H-Stake easily pushes into soil. Double-sided.

Design and printing by Blue Monster Creative.


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